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Serratus Anterior. The Serratus Anterior is responsible for stabilizing the scapula against the posterior chest wall. It is also the muscle that is known as the ‘Superhero Muscle’ because it is always drawn highly defined below the pecs and in front of the armpit on superhero’s such as Superman and Wolverine. The serratus anterior is a synergist of the pec minor, so stretching your serratus helps stabilize the shoulder girdle. Learn about pectoral exercises here. Your serratus anterior is a small muscle under your arm that primarily helps move your shoulder blade forward but also assists back muscles with other movements. Think boxing jabs! The serratus anterior is attached to the top of your ribcage and scapula, or shoulder blade.. Serratus Anterior weakness has been shown to cause scapula winging. Does scapula winging cause pain? Click here for more. This muscle is often implemented in Prehab and Rehab routines. This article is intended to demonstrate a few different open kinetic chain variations of improving activation and strength through Serratus Anterior Exercises. 2. Serratus anterior weakness/inhibition: The Serratus anterior is the primary muscle that keeps the scapula flat on the rib cage. If you do not have control of this muscle, it may result in a winged scapula. 3. Long thoracic nerve palsy: The Long thoracic nerve supplies the Serratus anterior muscle.

Experiment with this serratus stretch by varying how high your torso is on the ball. You can conduct this serratus stretch with the apex of the ball’s curvature in your upper back, your middle back, or anywhere in between. Background. The serratus anterior the “serratus” is. The serratus anterior muscle both spreads the shoulder blades and prevents the shoulder blades from being pushed together. It can be used to stabilize the shoulder blades in yoga poses like downward dog, handstand, warrior 1, warrior 2, chaturanga dandasana and wheel pose among others.

The Serratus Anterior: A Secret Weapon for Great Posture. Did you know your shoulder connects to your core? This vital connection helps align your neck with your trunk and is one of the best kept secrets for perfect posture. The serratus anterior is a muscle that originates on the surface of the 1st to 8th ribs at the side of the chest and inserts along the entire anterior length of the medial border of the scapula. The serratus anterior acts to pull the scapula forward around the thorax. 健康オタクFitnessのキシレッチマンです。 今回は、「前鋸筋」のストレッチ方法とストレッチで得られる効果についてご紹介させていただきます。.

Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest As a follow-up from my previous post on how to actually get six pack abs I’ve had a number of queries regarding specific portions of the abdominals, specifically the serratus anterior. “SJ, how do I build a shredded serratus?” This post will address that. Now, as the serratus.

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